for as long as i can remember, i’ve had this fascination with gunnera; the large leaved waterside plant that russel page was always fond of using in his landscapes. one can imagine the victorian curiosity with these grand leaves, the historical descriptions of their tropical otherworldliness was near fictitious. last year at an artisan show in paris, i first came across the work of kim moltzer at the stand of fonderie susse, which happens to be the oldest art foundry in france. i was totally beguiled by the little gunnera stool and the quality of it’s bronze patination to the last grainy detail. since then i’ve discovered the rest of the botanical family of furnishings from moltzer, but in all honesty this little stool still remains my most delightful find. i always enjoy the development of design trends and the way these evergreen inspirations of nature in all its abstractions, approximations and interpretations manage to find its way into the best of them… i would like to believe that it’s not just because of our sympathies but due to a sincere need.