thses evocative and tantalising combination of images by damien blottière reminded me again of the difference between the mediocre and the unforgettable. if the visible and the invisible vie for equal amounts of attention, i side with the obscured. i’ve long since had an aversion in the obvious; the spoon fed; the brain dead. i know allusion and nuance is not in everyone’s vocabulary and often the message gets misconstrued or overlooked, but i feel in it’s own way that is also a message. too much is made too plain in my mind and it threatens to bore me into infinity. what is truly beautiful is created in part by ourselves and i admire those that force us to contemplate such greater beauty. it’s these visual investigations that make blottière’s series with arnaud boursain so engaging. the lure of the mysterious and unseen will forever trump the flippantly blatant on the emotive playground. repeat after me… intrigue verb - arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate.
it certainly is a talented power to take such a familiar and over-exposed subject but yet manage to create a contemporary eroticism that borders on the victorian.