perhaps it’s my age playing up or last night’s wine tasting, like an disease of weariness that creeps into the crevices of your heart and messes with your mind, but for me the work of giorgio pignotti lies between some historical hangover and future uncertainty. the figurative forms fluctuate between clarity and vagueness; a beautiful likeness of our constant state of mental motion. like some artistic equivalent of the doppler effect; forever approaching, forever passing. these fresco like images reminds one of the passing of time and their distorted incompleteness is a beautiful metaphor for the transience of life and beauty. his images float obscurely in a sky blue haze or against some ominous aquatic landscape, almost as if they are moments of familiar figures dissolving into the nether reaches of a universal consciousness. such is the nature of existence …fleeting moments of unknown meaning dispersed in a confusion of possibilities. this existentialist element in giorgio’s work is brilliantly translated and leaves me with a strange feeling of promising hopefulness.