i seldom rant about the hard work of creatives but i must say i was a bit surprised to see this kind of sloppy sensationalism from a mag that has always been a bit more sophisticated, especially in terms of male on male ‘sensuality’ and even more so from the talented photographic duo of mert & marcus. although i know it’s their valentines day issue, i do however have a limited tolerance for the ‘common denominator’ argument. this kind of predictable saucy may be appealing on a superficial level, but surely can’t still be considered dynamic by any media standard. really, ‘american hustle’? what a questionable angle…? even with mert & marcus achieving a few really good shots, the whole ensamble is even less memorable than a random tumblr blog. admittedly i will never turn a blind eye to a cute guy, but to be honest, the only thing that i could go for here is the out takes.