eish… so many things have been said about this girl but it is eternally undisputed that she ruled the soundwaves of a nation moving through liberation… merely calling it anti-apartheid-afro-pop is a bit of an understatement. in a different way but not unlike the great man nelson mandela, she influenced sentiment and attitudes in a changing south african landscape. from a personal point of view, her music was as influential to me in my youth as that of michael jackson’s. in 1989, she released a song to an imprisoned nelson mandela called ‘black president’. the song was banned from the airwaves during apartheid, but in 1994 she was able to perform it for mandela himself at his inauguration ceremony. her distinctive voice and often taunting stance challenged the status quo of the south african music scene and even the latest newcomers owe a lot to her even a decade after her death. r.i.p. brenda fassie (1964 – 2004)