one of life’s luxuries is undoubtably the indulgence of our senses… it may sound a little marquis de sade but the truth is that to me there are few things that get close to smelling a beautiful perfume (other than to get close to a beautiful person of course)
my first experience of fueguia of was similar to when i first encountered cire trudon; it left me with a nostalgia of other unlived lives.
their intention unsurprisingly is to convey the exoticism of patagonian heritage. founder and main perfumer julian bedel summons up the historically inspired notes and combines them into an artisinal blend of natural ingredients, which has the depth that so many popular branded fragrances lack.
like the collections after which they are named, the scents find inspiration and are a reflection of a near-mythical landscape of discovery and all together blends a certain sophistication with the wild landscape and it’s inhabitants; animal, mineral and vegetable.
with some poetic harmony and passion fueguia succeeded in creating a fragrant dream that is layered, escapist and romantic with a welcome but complex and undefinable quality. i daresay the mouldy papery smell of biblioteca de babel and the woody malabrigo perfectly suits my current winter bookish-bohemian mood.