danish ceramicist peder rasmussen translates classical motives onto his vessels whereas michael geertsen‘s work seems more focussed on shape and colour to coax the viewer’s reaction. i love the way that the one seeks to divorce itself from recognition while the other seems so strangely familiar. but what actually struck me is the way they communicate when occupying the same space, a magical dialogue of co-existence is created which exemplifies the power of both apparently divergent styles. rasmussen’s works seem to drift in a halo of contemporized historical reverence whilst the lively futuristic forms of geertsen’s standing objects pulsate around them. although each artist’s work is of merit, it is the combination of the two that creates something exceptional. even the collaborative work where the painterly images of rasmussen is applied on geertsen’s work and visa versa doesn’t bother me. both as a curator and a viewer i find these careful combinations of work often much more rewarding than the traditional solo-show.