the boys of ciguë has managed something very challenging in retail design… doing low brow for high brow. i am completely amazed at their ability to attract such an illustrious client list while utilising the most basic elements - salvaged woods, metal and other unwantedness. i can only conclude that their strength lies in their design ability and sheer man power. in my isolation, the power of one has remained a myth to me, but teamwork is also such a delicate affair regardless of whether there is a great synergy or not. these guys seem to possess all of it. attracting the likes of aesop, krisvanassche, dvf, isabel marant, celine and ysl. along with their other product design concepts and architectural work they have brought a certain cutting edge to simple cut wood. i’m not certain if it is the vogue for raw in retail or some ecological philosophy, but it is sure that they have made their mark and will keep on doing so.