since i was a child looking through my mother’s interior magazines, i remember being intrigued by these strange figures. like aliens from a similar place, they haunted me and only later i realized why they spoke to me so pertinently; i was one of them. it’s all true. lynn chadwick (1914-2003)’s work has been an evergreen memory… probably because i first thought he was a she, but mostly because his work has such consistency. his figures could jump straight from a catwalk and i daresay if i were a fashion designer, i’m sure he would have had a lot to do with it. i find the spooky bronze garments with their faceted shapes and gilded faces totally inspiring. the first time i saw one was at the home of one of my clients. it was so small, but it echoed the same power that moore’s work had and resonated with me immediately. at that stage i couldn’t possibly imagine having one and now i’d be to daunted by which to choose. his winged figures are like something from a dream while his deconstructed couples exude some knowledge from beyond. i must say that the sheer potency of them sometimes brings a multitude of these chadwick hordes into my dreams; their purposeful upright and proud movements with the bellowing of their garments behind them. his vision is like a journey of timeless, faceless souls that occupy the landscape of the future and the past simultaneously. in his honour i can only say that there are few artist’s work that i have this reaction to.