as with all design, i find that the more resources and options one has the more difficult it becomes to be truly innovative. in architecture i am very aware of this especially since i live in a country where we are spoilt with space. what amazes me is when one has to create a working ergonomic living solution for something the sie of a cupboard. surely human dimensions don’t vary so drastically and when i consult on anything smaller than a hundred square meters i normally have a headache for weeks - almost as if i have crammed myself into that shoebox. there are however some creative talents out there that are able to move into that paradigm and produce startling results. the team of betillon/dorval-bory especially impressed with their handling of residential alterations and commendable use of each square meter. when i was shown a client’s apartment (and yes the word was bigger than the space) in paris and asked for my professional opinion, i could only suggest they buy three more. i have to bow out to these space manipulators, for as much as i am for optimization, these guys have the ability to invent space where i only see a brick wall; like super chic caravaning their project of prefab wooden houses is a perfect example of their space efficient minimalism.