in a lot of my interior work, i have found the étagère… or wharnot, an indispensible little piece of furniture. i’m probably a little sentimental in my praising ode to its greatness but regardless of style, it has the ability to give hight in those nasty corners and from a practical point of view allows me my favorite design trick… contained clutter. although i am a convert for the hicks tablescapes, i have often found it too bitsy and impractical in smaller rooms… enter the étagère. in creating interest it is as powerful as a vitrine, in space saving it is as petite as a side table, but for sheer practicality, the ones with drawers are best for keeping ashtrays, coasters and other party tricks. equally useful as a bedside table or magazine rack, the versatility of this shelved piece of furniture is totally underrated and it can ultimately be used to the greatest effect in any room of the home.