bringing brands and personalities together is nothing new… inspirational figures have been associated with certain brands and even the most mediocre will choose a ‘face’ to promote them. 46664 is representative of so much more however… the prison number of nelson mandela, that inspired a whole industry to sprout up under the humanitarian and greater goodness of the man. turning the icon into a legend, and by association the brand as well, may look like just another commercial gimmick. it’s the economics of the synergy that undoubtably drives it and i would have been the first to dismiss their attempts as opportunistic exploitation of the life of the great leader if it wasn’t for the fact that 46664 fashion was actually delivering a worthwhile product that succeeds admirably in injecting an energetic spirit into the south african fashion scene and also becoming a proud ambassador for it’s fashionability. their 2013 spring summer range has all the right colloquial content and mixes of urban grittiness and suave ethnic styling that makes it one of my favorite street style chic brands from this country… their accessibility and innovation is what leads me to believe that they have earned the right to brand themselves in this manner and become a symbol of the colliding forces at work in south africa’s diverse social landscape.