the works of artist adrian ghenie has a strange luminosity that touches the darker inner reaches of the viewer’s unsettled sentiment. they have a suggestive quality that recalls the monumental ideologies of men and gives extended meaning to these powerful images. bleakly steeped in a biographical history and with politically motivated references, the landscapes are fraught with tensions and a provocative narrative. the deliberate distortions succeed in questioning the distanced view and with it becomes a metaphor for the distorted perspective the present forever has on the past… a dynamic created with his dirty colored and smudged technique. the feeling i experience is one of isolation and helplessness… a necessary effect of being the lonely spectator. the work acknowledges the more shadowy side of things and undoubtedly my predilection for faceless portraits is what peaked my interest through the ‘pie study’ works… an innocence transformed; the angst and existential message subtly conveyed in a very subliminal way. although many works lack the strength of it, the portraits are unabashedly confrontational reflections of a beautiful anxiety.