obviously yvette néliaz caught my attention… not just the old lady in club part, but especially the archeology of the present part. i’ve always had a fatal interest in social anthropology and coming across someone who succeeds in documenting the present from a contemporary view that basically amounts to ‘living history’ - i have the greatest respect for that. often i’m left to conventional deductions made from an alternative space in time… this type of tv has an immediacy that would possibly be the most intelligent commentary of the time… and this from a sixty seven year old club hopping girl called damepipi. insulated by the armor of age, i enjoy the fearless candor and directness in her interviews, gratefully lacking that condescending arrogance that often accompanies observers with the advantage of greater perspective. a true find… an adventurer exploring the sites of hidden knowledge… the archeology of the present.

images from cocotte club - machine moulin rouge