coulton morris‘s upside series of self-portraits brought to my attention again the phenomena of photographing one’s self - a prevalent theme of expression of artists and i suppose it is the isolation sickness of our necessary virtual connectivity that now breeds this complexity on such a scale that self portraiture has become the everyday photographic equivalent of an edwardian letter of introduction - whatever the reason, technological advances and publishing accessibility has brought this all to the fore and everyone is now photographing themselves; my initial shortsighted reaction to the mirror/smartphone photography was based only on narcissistic self-celebration, i only caught on to the need for appreciation and identity part later. call me conservative but i still like to get to know you. sadly though, reflecting on some recent chance on-line encounters made me realize again that the art of conversation is reduced to a text light series of emoticons and exchanges of profile pictures which is probably owning up to their share of the bad spelling and over punctuation on the internet… loosely quoting from the movie ‘contagion’ when jude law refers to his blog, ‘blogging is not journalism, it’s graffiti with punctuation’… our social-media is saturated with self-portraiture and i suspect it may play a major role in accelerating the conformity game and promoting mediocrity, now everyone is becoming so visually literate they can hardly string a sentence together - i can only hope a counter revolution is imminent; being all for on-line friendships and the last one to be ignorant about the impressions of appearance, i find it very disconcerting when one’s communication of experiences are limited to a series of self portraits with varying backgrounds ‘at’ this and ‘with’ that… which brings me back to mr morris… i just find the simple act him staging himself balancing on his head in various unlikely places infinitely more interesting… although i must add that i never mind seeing some self-appreciating beefcake showing off.