paolo roversi’s talent and evergreen appeal probably has to lie in his relentless body of work. he has seen and shot almost every fashion label and every it girl ever to wear it. my favorites are his distinctive glass-darkly portraits that have been in permanent demand for their rich and beautiful otherness; imbuing an exoticism that transports model, clothing and audience into a sepia haze of timelessness. the subjects in his pictures seem as far away in time and space as 1929 shanghai. his styling is demure but powerful, un-fussed and textured, many looking as if they are suffering from some convalescent malaise; awkwardly posed and often with a shy look of being surprised unexpectedly. mr roversi sights eyes and lips as important and then that eerie shadowy light that he brings into the picture. beguiling and romantic, his work is truly the legacy of someone who not only appreciates beauty but respects it.