in our beauty obsessed culture, there are many ways in which to alter your appearance these days but there is still something more noble for me about tattoos though…ink under the skin has been part of human adornment for ages. luckily you don’t have to be a sailor or drive a truck to have a tattoo anymore. now generally accepted without attaching a certain label to it, it remains a very personal choice… i still can’t fathom the small bikini line thing though, peeping out like some stray pubic growth - i’m not certain what works for whom (well built, half built or dimwit) nor am i into the right and wrong of things; those are mere transient opinions. whatever you do make sure it feels good even if it doesn’t look it. i have a girlfriend that became so doubtful about it she tried to have hers removed resulting in an unsightly scarred smudge. whenever i look at it now, i always want to grab my glasses to see the damned blurred thing clearly. multi-atelier AKA Berlin has a reputation for avant-garde tattoos that really border on the artistically decorative but my hero for tasteful tattoos remain performing artist, photographer and model arian levanael. an australian living in london, although he calls the whole world home; i love his his take on beauty, aging and going under the knife - he’d rather get another tattoo because for him ‘it’s more meaningful’.