this is my thoughts on women. not just my mother, my wife, my daughters and my girlfriends but woman in general. the stronger are generally perceived to be us men; we traditionally would carry the burden of protection and provision; i suspect women on the other hand still harbour some amazonian power within them though. as a symbol of this magical and transformational power, multi-role playing charlize theron have graced the screens in the many incarnations of womaness…mother, lady, villain, seductress, but also hero and savior.

in lieu of her two blockbuster releases next month and in a tender moment of loyalty (since she is actually from about 10 miles away where I live) i looked again at the video for another reason than just drooling over the handsomeness of brandon flowers and his voice.
on the one hand it is probably just romantic dribble but on the other it is a quaint commentary on the way we perceive our roles in the world today.
the traditional boy saves girl is reversed. camille paglia will certainly argue that this has in any event always been the case. she is one of those woman that save us. Save men from trying to become macho monuments and woman from themselves.
i prefer to think that stability and reliability is a personality trait independent of gender. men are generally viewed as that; i understand that women have been branded as temperamental and very often portrayed as that but I have also been exposed to some pretty paranoid men.
so wo will save who?
the historical and mythological references abound for the girl saving boy scenario. i suppose it is in the enlightened times of modern thought that we dare to forget this and you suppose Zeus never got hysterical? we can go into the power struggles, the politics, religion and correctness of all the rest, but the root i’m afraid lies in the male ego. nobody ever guessed it could be so fragile; and now its up to the girls to rescue us again.