having published, edited, styled, posed, mused and collaborated with designer fashion and where with all, carine roitfeld is surely qualified to break into the fashion rag scene with her own publication cr fashion book. virtually no publication has gone untouched by her sensationalist style, w magazine, elle, vogue, v and v men magazine, i-d and so on. also known by her other title as gritty-rebel-ex-french-vogue-editor-in-chief she is totally attitude driven and immanently influential; she has certainly made her feverish presence felt throughout the industry in a profound way. the undisputed power wielding vogue editors may be a little sceptic, but i personally look forward to some roitfeld-re-invention in september. her personal scrap-book-style exposé: irreverent by rizzoli, gives her personal recipe on how to become an icon, a must read for any aspiring stylista. but regardless of her renegade reputation, she has made her mark with personal conviction and that, in the follow-me-media-world, is definitely something to applaud.