with milan’s design week only days away, every one is just panting with anticipation to explore the latest releases of up-cycled materials and fresh designs. don’t get me wrong, i’m totally keen on the recent eco-concsiousness-ness in design approaches but i’ve been too petrified at the sight of many overly clever post-apocalyptic designs which are so ecologically sound, they basically render themselves completely useless. common design philosophy incorporates many facets of which the environmental considerations are but one of a long list that includes functionality and aesthetics. although natural cork is nothing new, imagine my surprise at this wonder of retro wall covering designed by sofia dias for corque design. the insulation and acoustic properties of this product is well known but combining the natural cork with a fabric base extends the possibilities to experimenting with printing, pattern and design. sofia’s design embodies the nostalgic appeal of cork as a wall covering and i believe great things will come of it. natural, practical, safe and washable i am definitely doing my children’s rooms in this. here’s to a many peaceful night’s rest.