since it was my birthday recently, i have become very aware of the obvious.

the notion of timelessness apart from this video; timeless from we love; a super fab italian duo, is nothing new: see- rider haggard’s she or time travelling with h g wells and of course cher.

in interiors and fashion, it’s as impossible as the concept - one size fits all. even though there are classics that almost universally, through the onslaught of space and time, maintain themselves as the pinnacle of stylishness, we are constantly bombarded with new.
i believe the less confident among us, will always steer towards the staid classic or some form of it, un petite risque perhaps. i prefer the outlandish types that create their own classics, by making it their signature or spectacle, which ever you prefer. see- chanel, anna piaggi, madonna, lady gaga, david bowie etc. the new classics are renditions of old classics are inspired by even older classics all the way back to ancient civilization.
which gratefully brings this philosophical dribble to and end. the perception we have of timelessness, something that remains forever;
surely this is a betrayal to the industry of the creatives. i am left only with the ever handsome freddy mercury’s answer.