Casual Confidence

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Sir Frederick Ashton

i’ve far too many ornaments. the clutter is here only because it pleases me enormously.’

AD 4/77

Extreme Everything

don’t be careful, be stupid…

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Mark Twain vs Bernard Shaw

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Donald Karshan

AD 4/77

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Travelling In-bagnifico!

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Gina Lollobrigida

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Candy Colour

two renowned designers in peru put together some very desirable fashion accessories, these struck me as the ideal spring streetsmart, culture conscious happy makers. just let that vuitton bag rest a bit and stop being so serious.

vacide erda zimic

meche correa

Envy, Envy… Tile Envy!

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Santa Maria!

happy birthday! 400 years of florentine pharmaceutical products… hello? from catherine d’medici to me… this is clearly a brand that doesn’t disappoint.

Brand New?

not being from the states, this took me years to figure out… i love not you? english is my second language after all.

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Spring Sprung

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Lindsay Anderson, prominent film critic, and winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes for his 1968 film: if…., on objective criticism -

there is no such thing as uncommitted criticism, any more than there is such a thing as insignificant art. It is merely a question of the openness with which our commitments are stated. I do not believe we should keep quiet about them.’

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a moment at the altar of alberto pinto

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Henry Geldzahler

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Brut Art Brut

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Products and Perspective

ranting about sad representation

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Toffie 2012

toffie 2012 must be the pop culture event of the year. maybe i’m too old for this alternaivety but it could still be fun, at the last festival i felt every bit as left out as xavier dolan in heartbeats. the great thing about the festival is the talented mix of international and south african creatives in a programme of conferencing, talks, workshops, movies, parties and such. a must do event for media and design fundis, where low-brow is high-brow… now if i could just find something to go with my marc jacobs macbook carry case!

Tuschinski… Bless You!

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Unconscious Arcadia

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Looking Ahead

africa bids again. now the connection between africa and high tech advances is not one generally makes. africa is the dark continent; dark and primitive, and this is exactly why it may just win this bid; for the chance to build the world’s largest telescope. the square kilometre array. a marvel of super sensitive technology that would make short work of the 50 million lightyears, making it almost possible to see the birth of time itself. even with so many brilliant scientists working ceaselessly its completion is only anticipated around 2025. SKA Telescope. africa, and specifically the arid northern karoo forms the backbone of this bid location. with its sparse population and low radio noise, it stands a very good chance in hosting this chance to peek into creation. here’s to africa, again. wishing you the best of luck and support. love. louis.

World Design Capital 2014

cape town truly is a remarkable place, top designers are making their mark and the place is so laid back that even if they have to resort to printing t-shirts in the apathetic market of post-season frenzy, you can be sure that it will be fab d-e-s-i-g-n-e-r stuff. another patriotic moment, but along with our other great event world cup soccer 2010, i am completely surprised at the international response to our capacities. we were awarded the soccer bid apart, or in spite of the fact that we can’t play; and i hope it not to be a similar case with the design capital bid. far be it for me to be sceptic after pulling off 2010, but i’m interested to see how this one gets tackled.

Design Indaba 2012

one of the premier design showcase events in south africa, design indaba has matured into a proud platform of design savvy and spectacle of what we have to offer. once i get over my patriotic emotionality however, i have to point out that it has now become an institution that attracts any design aficionado from as far as manila. Glory, glory, glory!
my ambiguous sentiments of the event mostly revolve around the bad catering and the credits. i’ve always had a piss about the fact that designers seldom give credit to their inspirations, and in countries with less interest in copyright than commerce, i believe the blatant copy still to be more flattering than the contorted reworking of hella jongerius’s stitched ceramics without as much as a mention. with the web and visibility; albeit not transparency, as it is, designers will have to become quite clever to maintain their credibility.


since it was my birthday recently, i have become very aware of the obvious.

the notion of timelessness apart from this video; timeless from we love; a super fab italian duo, is nothing new: see- rider haggard’s she or time travelling with h g wells and of course cher.

in interiors and fashion, it’s as impossible as the concept - one size fits all. even though there are classics that almost universally, through the onslaught of space and time, maintain themselves as the pinnacle of stylishness, we are constantly bombarded with new.
i believe the less confident among us, will always steer towards the staid classic or some form of it, un petite risque perhaps. i prefer the outlandish types that create their own classics, by making it their signature or spectacle, which ever you prefer. see- chanel, anna piaggi, madonna, lady gaga, david bowie etc. the new classics are renditions of old classics are inspired by even older classics all the way back to ancient civilization.
which gratefully brings this philosophical dribble to and end. the perception we have of timelessness, something that remains forever;
surely this is a betrayal to the industry of the creatives. i am left only with the ever handsome freddy mercury’s answer.


everything in 3D…

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Stupidity & Sensitivity

Since it’s nearly impossible to gauge each individual’s level of sensitivity or stupidity, I’d rather play it safe and classify this site as suitable for adults only. Although that term is still nebulous to me, the responsibility remains that of the viewer.

Curating & Criticism

The identification and definition of creativity are two different things. Challenging conventional interpretations and perspectives expands its validity and effect. I am convinced that collaborations and participation across creative industries allow for discovering a greater realisation of our potential.

Art & Collecting

I love mixing styles and textures, media and materials. But I believe in respecting personality when it comes to choosing work. There is of course the investment angle which is too boring to discuss here….or anywhere really. It is important to remember that when you live with art, it should be alive to you. That is to say it needs to move you. You need to have an affair with it.

Fashion & Architecture

Starting with the roof over your head and the clothes on your back. These are the things we inhabit. Without entering into the fashion vs trend debate. They also shape our sensibilities and the way we present ourselves.

Design & Function

Whether colour or form is your thing. Pattern or plain. What we choose to live with can make our lives easier or more challenging. Consider your commitment and convince yourself.

Gardens & Flowers

Since Eden it has been a fascination, inspiration, an indulgence of kings and common gardeners, a joy. No home is complete without it. Whether you go for potted, landscaped or organic, dry or shade, just go for it.

Treasures & Trash

Most of which are filed under S for sentimental. I respect that.
Heirlooms. Bargains. Souvenirs. Gifts. Curiosities. Found Objects. Impulse Buys.
Never hide what’s important or meaningful. Denial is a very ugly word.

History & Reality

Get to know yourself and others. As much as we live in the same world, everyone has their own version of it. Live up to yours, never fear your dreams and ideals lest they remain aspirations forever.