with the nasty winter making its exodus, i know why all the toil and trouble of gardening is worth it. all i can say is get some dirt under those nails.
my kingdom for structure. it’s very similar to my approach to interior design. a couple of good pieces to anchor the space and enough reverence for what is practical goes a long way to establish a backdrop to whatever whim comes next. in gardens this is a annual affair, well, certainly with some interiors as well. it’s a good thing to know where and when. how else will you be able to prepare, and although i’m all for spontaneity, some surprises are better than others.
i use hedges as low planted walls to form passages. i love the contrasts of foliage at different times of the year and juxtapose the strict with the downright unruly. probably reflecting the duality or something in my personality. even watching shadows move across the day changes the atmosphere of the garden room. Being conscious of these kind of things is just as important when deciding where goes what in an interior space. I’ve been to many restaurants that offer a beautiful luncheon table next to a window with a view. this often sours into a glaring affair of dim and bright as you try to have a conversation with your guest while donning the darkest of fabulous pair of sunglasses. practicality rules, and the garden room has it’s own sets of constraints. if budget is your game, you’d probably want to investigate soil acidity for one, before planting the fabrics.

a small courtyard between the main house and outbuildings got the hedge treatment which made it more haven than hell. as mentioned before, i find it supremely shortsighted of decorators not to consider the views through the windows. i’m quite pedantic in this approach and will not tolerate a bad entry. this is especially true of properties that are in close proximity to each other. plants have always provided a universal, if not instant solution. since one generally have as much control over your neighbour’s taste as their choice of supper, best is to be prudent and not to make yourself an unwitting participant.
if the space allows you can create a layered effect. i always liked the pathways with green on both sides. higher and lower or even a shady creeper and a low hedge makes good on the stroll to a narrow gate. pergolas are a totally different story.