Photos By Dossier Magazine

the pace of today’s modern lifestyles has moved the fashion frenzy into the dreaded day-for-night anytime anything place. as much as i miss the dress up moments of yesteryear, i also appreciate the fact that we now have the sartorialist to brainwash us into the exotisism of everyday wear from the streets of somewhere. chanel’s dictum of street fashion came with a warning; ‘i like fashion to go down into the street, but i can’t accept that it should originate there.’ this flexibility in fashionability almost becomes its antithesis. for me the fashion event, and i’m not referring to the grand scale fashion week events, is still a valuable launch vehicle; whether it’s a car, washing machine or i.t. wonder product, one can always entertain guests with some show-off fashion something. oscar de la renta and lee jofa copied david hicks’ upholstery-fabric-goes-catwalk-fashion with great success at the launch of his home collection. i use such fashion events to promote shopping malls and even hotels. f-tv and the industry has done a great deal to profile fashion as glamour aspiration and helps to take the status of the event up a notch. throw in the odd celebrity and movie-star to make any launch the calendar event of the season, magazine features extend the event while society pages pump the wannabe factor and don’t forget the gossip from the afterparty!